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Brunswick Group

About us

Advising on business critical issues

Since 1987, Brunswick has been helping clients navigate the interconnected financial, political and social worlds to build trusted relationships with all their stakeholders. A global partnership, with 23 offices in 14 countries, we operate as a single profit center – allowing us to respond seamlessly to our clients‘ needs, wherever they are in the world.

Clients in 50+ countries rely on us to be in their corner. 

Effective stakeholder relations is essential

When clients turn to us, it’s because they know that engaging effectively with everyone who has a stake in the company is about more than managing perceptions – it is essential to making business work.

Our background in financial communications means we understand how businesses are wired. It also means integrity is deep in our nature: diligence, openness and accuracy.

Brunswick is one firm globally. Delivering anywhere, we have a reputation for high-caliber, highly experienced people who have diverse backgrounds and skills.

It means whatever the task, no matter how complex or where it is in the world, we can assemble the right expertise from right across the firm.

The Vienna Office

Undoubtedly the office with the most spacious and diverse geographic area to cover, Vienna in eight successful years has found a unique way of providing strategic relations advice and positioning itself as problem solver in „special situations“ – similar to a discreet strategist and diplomatic service.

In this top-end niche, with the ability to advise and work – mostly in an integrated fashion – across the spectra of stakeholders, relations areas and channels, Brunswick with its internationality and global reach is standing out and alone in the region. Since Ronald Schranz has opened the office in 2008 the team in Vienna has worked in more than 20 countries, spanning a space from Austria and Central Europe into Asia, including Greece, Turkey, the Balkans, the Baltic, Russia, CIS, the „Stans“ and Iran.

International clients from around the world, clients from the region with interest in the West and the East and clients from the region make for a fascinating mix of cultures. The team in Vienna reflects the diversity of the “tessellation” region and local capabilities.

The projects are managed by and out of Vienna and executed locally with the help of selected, reliable advisers and specialist firms in all of the region’s capitals. Thus, Brunswick quality of work and compliance is guaranteed also and especially in this difficult part of the world.



Brunswick Austria & CEE GmbH
Schottenring 14
1010 Vienna
T: + 43 1 907 65 10