Koehler Group’s Chinainvest.biz August issue - Ecommerce - Latest Trends and Regulations - Industry News - Food and Beverage Industry

Chinainvest.biz August issue
Chinainvest.biz August issue

At the inception of Shanghai FTZ, MIIT and other relevant authorities issued a series of policies for the purpose of opening up the value-added telecommunication services in Shanghai FTZ, including permitting foreign investors to hold controlling interests (but up to 55%) in E-commence companies. However, pursuant to such policies, those foreign investors desiring to engage in E-commerce business in China still had to locate appropriate Chinese partners in China, and as a direct result many of them took a wait-and-see  attitude  towards such policies. 

Now, by directly permitting E-commerce platforms to be wholly owned by foreign investors, this new pilot scheme within the zone has greatly aroused the enthusiasm of those foreign investors interested in the sector for investments in Shanghai FTZ.


Easily forgotten amongst a discourse anchored around China’s rapid industrialization and its breathtaking urbanization, the Chinese food and beverage market should be anything but relegated to being something of the past. Boasting an average annualized growth rate of 30% from 2006 to 2012, and totaling a gross output of USD 1.6  trillion, this market is not only the largest market for food and grocery retail in the world, but also poised to become the world’s fourth largest importer of food. China’s constant and rapid development, it comes as no surprise that the needs of the population are gradually increasing as well. 


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