Chinese male actors for a feature film

For the Austrian-French feature film „SEEKING“ – funded through Arte French Cinema, ORF and Austrian Film Institute – we are looking for Chinese male actors and non-professionals for 3 main roles. Acting experience is welcome but not required. 

Age: 20-35 years

Language: fluent Mandarin

Shooting period: Spring 2019 


The Casting sessions will take place from October - December 2018 in several European cities, Hongkong and Taiwan.


No special education or preparation is needed. 



Please don't hesitate to contact us, if you are Chinese and speak Mandarin and are interested in playing in a movie.


The casting has workshop-like qualities, everybody can do it and we're looking for strong personalities, not necessarily for actors.


The roles will be normally paid the daily fees for actors (above Equity minimum UK).


Please specify your city of residence in your application.


Send name, age and a photo to or

Whatsapp +43-660-1651239

Photo credit:  Avel Chuklanov