BEFA Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. (Mitglied ACBA)

BEFA Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.

BEFA Business Field:

Production, engineering and project-management of „turn-key“ plants for chemical products (powder and liquid detergents) which have been installed in many countries over the last years.


As we are an expanding firm, we are now able to offer you new types of our BEFA-SYSTEM based „turn key“ solutions, which enable you to start up your own mineral water or soft-drink production within only 90 days. Also new is our soap production line that brings you on the market in a fast, feasible and easy way.

We also advice and train your work-force until you can be sure that your production will meet highest quality standards.


BEFA Product Range:

Concentrates for liquid detergents for household cleaners, body care products, car care products and laundry detergents for our „turn-key“ plant or your existing plants.

Compounds for powder detergents for our turn-key plant or your existing plants.

Chemical Plant-Equipment:  Packaging machines, packaging material and artwork

Blow moulding machines and moulds for HDPE, PVC and PET bottles,

Complete Filling Stations, Labelling Equipment, Shrinking (Heating) Tunnels, Dating and Printing Equipment; Conveyour Equpment, Mixers, Storage tanks and other…

Petrochemical Plant & Refineries:  BEFA has also a lot of experience in cooperation with companies worldwide, and is one of the leading companies in a field of Engineering, Relocation, Trading and Start-up of the spare parts and/or complete new and used petrochemical plants and refineries.


Biodiesel production is another product range. We offer mobile module machines, stationary machines and complete production plant including vegetable oil production.


Befa Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.

Head office:

Hackengasse 31 / 1A,

A-1150 Vienna,

Austria, Europe

Phone: +43-1-4790208

Phone: +43-1-4790209

Fax: +43-1-4790208-17