World Manufacturing Convention - recommended by ACBA

Date: 24-26 May, 2018


Hefei, Anhui Province


Mr. Christian Wulff, Former President of the Federal Republic of Germany

Mr. Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Former Prime Minister of the French Republic


Shaping the future of manufacturing

Manufacturing is undergoing a fundamental revolution worldwide. The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and advanced Robotics, big data and cloud computing are radically changing the conditions of industrial activity, creating a unique opportunity for new significant productivity gains and competitive advantages for first mover countries and companies. At the same time, major new developments in the global economy as well new issues and challenges on the international trade scene coupled with environmental pressures and the emergences of new risks are putting pressure on corporations to review the location of their activities and reshape and streamline their supply chains.


Industry 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution – is there with tremendous implications in the economic, corporate, social and geopolitical domains. Whether it is Germany’s “Industry 4.0” or China’s “Made in China 2025”, the US “Manufacturing revitalization”, France’s “Industry of the Future”, Japan’s “Society 5.0” or India’s “Make in India” every major country in the world is today confronting the challenge of creating the conditions for the successful transformation and expansion of its industrial base as crucial asset for tomorrow’s prosperity.


The Global Alliance of SMEs - GASME - is convening the World Manufacturing Convention to discuss the key elements of the manufacturing revolution underway and assess their impact, to explore the policies and initiatives that will allow countries and corporations to leverage the new immense opportunities created by this industrial revolution and to manage the challenges that it is creating.


The World Manufacturing Convention will also provide a privileged framework for

promoting closer global cooperation, efficient exchanges of views and expertise. It will offer participants an opportunity for creating new business relationships and for matchmaking between Chinese and foreign manufacturers. More than 200 advanced foreign manufacturers will be invited for match making contacts with Chinese enterprises.

Programme (tentative)

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Companies in or related to the manufacturing sector are welcome to join the convention. Free local accommodation and food for one representative from each company will be provided by the organiser (subject to review). Details please contact:


Janet Mo 

Mobile: +43 660 440 4633