Board of directors

Prof. Dr. Georg Zanger 乔治·章格教授 - President

Prof. Georg Zanger graduated from University of Vienna and started his professional career 30 years ago. He is now the head of  “zanger bewegt”, a law firm looking for creative answers based on a “best solution approach”.

Specialized in Business Law (Intellectual Property Law and Media Law, Competition Law, Telecommunication Law and Copyright Law) Dr. Zanger operates for many international companies which have set up a foreign base in Austria.

For many years Prof. Zanger has rendered outstanding services to the establishment of a sound network comprising Chinese lawyers, government agencies and companies. 

Hongge Zhang 张红鸽 - Managing Vice President

Hongge Zhang, born in September 1979, Austrian overseas Chinese, officially migrated to Vienna (Austria) in February 2012.

2010 to present: works in the law firm “Zanger Bewegt”, at the same time Managing Vice President of the Austrian Chinese Business Association, responsible for all projects in the Chinese market and the management of all matters related to China

In 2014 she registered the foundation of Nadja Dienstleistungs-Gesellschaft m.b.H, acting as CEO

In 2016, she registered the establishment of the European-Chinese Cultural Exchange, Education and Science Association (ECCEES), acting as President

2017 appointed by Naivera Handel GmbH as special administrator, responsible for the day-to-day operation of the company in Austria 

Bild von Frau Zhang

Bernhard Müller, BA, MPA 穆宝华 - Vice President

Bernhard Müller, BA, MPA has studied Media- and Communications Science and Political Science at the University of Vienna. He also finished a postgraduate study in Public Management. He has worked in public services, as well as in the private sector. He has been mayor of the statutory city Wiener Neustadt from 2005 until 2015. Bernhard Müller has visited China very intensively since 2006. In 2008 he has founded a sister-city-partnership between the North-Chinese metropole Harbin and his hometown Wiener Neustadt. In 2015 the “Seifert Verlag” published his book “China. Behind the Rice. Experiences from the Middle-Kingdom.”

Mag. Alexander Kleedorfer 柯安德 - Director, Communications

Alexander Kleedorfer studied business administration in Vienna and Milan.  

Alexander’s first career steps were in banking, in the field of industrial investment goods and in the media sector. Then he spent nearly 15 years at Telekom Austria Group, where he was the external spokesperson.  

In 2016, he became an advisor for strategic communication at Brunswick Group in the Vienna office. As director, Alexander supports organisations in Austria and the CEE region in building or enhancing trustful relationships with relevant stakeholder groups. He also advises corporations in business critical situations.

David Wang 王达维 - Director, Finance

David Wang hat sich mit der Gründung seiner Firma Kuantuz im internationalen Handelsgeschäft selbständig gemacht.

Sein stärkster Fokus liegt in der Förderung und Etablierung vielfältiger Handelsbeziehungen zwischen China und Österreich.

Als chinesisch-stämmiger Österreicher der zweiten Generation weist David Wang die nötigen Kenntnisse über die Angelegenheiten rund um die österreichisch-chinesische Wirtschaftslage auf, um Geschäftswege zwischen beiden Gebieten erfolgreich auszubauen.

Durch das Studium der Rechtswissenschaften in Wien verfügt David Wang über juristische Kompetenzen und lässt diese ebenfalls in seine Geschäftstätigkeiten mit einfließen.

Nan Pustelnik-Zhao 赵楠 - Marketing & Businessrelations

Nan Pustelnik-Zhao is an entrepreneur, nutritionist, and journalist. She developed AND SOY cooking blender and started the company 5 years ago. She believes homemade food makes a better you and a better world. Hermission is to help people to eat a healthy and sustainable diet and reduc eenvironmental impact. The stylish machine makes fresh plant drinks (rice, soy, oat,etc.), soups, smoothies and baby cereal within minutes and for a fraction of the cost of processed, store-bought products. Nan writes cookbook and hostscooking classes regularly, demonstrating how to make plant milk, yoghurt and Tofu. She was interviewed by Austrian TVs, radio and German-speaking Lifestyle magazines.

Nan is a Chinese born Austrian. She studied Economy, Journalism, MBA in Finance and traditional Chinese medicine in China, USA, Canada and Austria. She worked three years as a business journalist at the Chinese state-owned English newspaper China Daily and participated the Parvin Fellowship Program in Journalism at University of Hawaii before moving to Austria. While studying her MBA in Finance, she started to build a plant for a top Austrian mechanical engineering company in China. The plant operated successful, delivering oil coolers and components worldwide. Upon finding her mission in sustainable diet and environmental protection, she sold her shares in the company and started to study TCM at Austrian medical university and found AND SOY.